Contact ZEUTEC for support and services

We believe the key to success lies in our ability to support and establish mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our customers.

See a list of ZEUTEC phone numbers around the world under “Contact Us”.

Before you call, have your serial number of the SpectraAlyzer instrument and/or its accessories ready.

Our team of support experts is only a phone call away. Troubleshooting a case is the primary and most important step to resolving an issue in a timely fashion. That is why we take troubleshooting very seriously and have built our expertise around it over the years. We need to quickly gather the critical information to identify your technical support issue, and replay the situation as if we were sitting next to you even if we do not have a copy of your analytical application. In addition, our support specialists are equipped with remote desktop troubleshooting tools which allow us, under your complete control, to perform additional tests while defying geographical boundaries.

Should we determine that your case warrants involving our R&D department our support escalation process allows us to quickly put our developers in the loop. Our support expert will act as the bridge between you and our R&D department, making sure that communication flows smoothly and that all aspects of your case are properly championed and represented.

For your experience to be complete, our customer support specialists offer you all kinds of additional complementary services that are meant to help you better leverage your SpectraAlyzer analytical solution:

  • Electronic download
  • Extended documentation
  • Video FAQs
  • Newsletter
  • Knowledge base
  • Analytical Application database