Application worxawx

Application worx is a chemometric software package that is designed for calibration development in the field of NIR spectroscopy. AWX is used to predict chemical characteristics of the Near Infra Red spectrum of a sample.
Usually vast knowledge and expertise is required to calculate a calibration model based on spectral data of well-known reference samples using chemometrics. This is where Application worx differs from similar software because it is well structured, guides the user through all steps and emphasises the work flow. Well-arranged wizard windows give comprehensive assistance and thus even allow the layman to develop a calibration utilising multiple linear regression (MLR) or partial least squares regression (PLSR). Throughout the calibration development process with Application worx it is possible to choose the automated option to improve the calibration model successively respectively iteratively and the expert is still able to incorporate invaluable experience into the calibration development.
Applcation worx compiles an application with calibrations for various properties for the product the user wishes to analyse and the properties can be analysed quickly and instantaneously using an NIR spectrometer.

  • Clearly structured user interface
  • Easy spectra import from instrument files or JCAMP-DX
  • Chemical reference values can be imported from csv file and edited manually
  • Aata storage using MySQL database (local pc or intranet/internet)
  • wizard guided calibration set-up
  • Multiple batches can be combined
  • Trimming of reference value range
  • Model calculation utilising MLR or PLSR
  • Different data pre-treatments available, e.g. smoothing and derivatives
  • wizard performs full combination search for MLR
  • Best results are automatically selected for each factor
  • Statistics support use
  • Histogram of sample distribution enables improvement of reference data poolr to choose optimal model (e.g. RMSE, RMSEP, Fisher’s value)
  • The expert can utilise outlier statistics to improve the model individually
  • Score plots are presented for PLSR models
  • Fast automated calibration improvement by means of outlier detection
  • Full history of calibration iteration available
  • Easy switchback to previous models
System requirements: MS Windows 7 / 8 or 10
Scope of delivery: AWX USB dongle with installation folder and help files. Dongle esential for software operation
Instrument compatibility: SpectraAlyzer, Kernelyzer, Olivas Gold 2
Software features: Administration of spectral and chemical reference data, calibration development, calibration adjustment and application composition