SpectraAlyzer Liquid drawer


The Liquid Drawer was developed to perform routine determinations of multiple properties in liquid products such as wine, soya sauce, oils, beverages and liquid sugars.

The path length of the liquid cell inside the Liquid Drawer is set to 200µm to allow the analysis of samples of many different liquid products. The Liquid Drawer facilitates highly accurate and reproducible spectroscopic measurements.

  • For low to medium viscosity liquid samples (e.g. wine, soy sauce, oil)
  • Temperature controlled sample chamber
  • Long-living, non-abrasive, gold coated reflector
  • Optimised sample chamber geometry for perfect flow and prevention of fouling
  • Easy to disassemble and clean with excellent optical path length reproducibility
  • SpectraAlyzer can be easily retrofitted with Liquid Drawer by user
Technical Data
Path length 200 µm
Temperature stabilisation 15 – 50 °C +/- 0.01°C
Liquid ports ΠР28 UNF
Synchronisation and control via SpectraAlyzer®
Order Number 110-B6002-1
W/N: 90279050 / URL: DE