Sample Presentation Rotating drawer


The Rotating Cup Drawer is a SpectraAlyzer® 2.0 drawer with a Rotating Sample Cup for the presentation of coarse samples. The Rotating Drawer is generally used in applications with inhomogeneous products for the determination of protein, fat and moisture content, e.g. in grains, cocoa beans, corn, rice, peas, soy beans, animal feed pellets and many more.

To extend the usability of any SpectraAlyzer® 2.0 it can easily be upgraded with the Rotating Cup Drawer to enhance its field of application.

  • For coarse samples (e.g. cocoa beans, rice, wheat)
  • Enlarged sample area
  • High precision drive mechanism
  • Rotating Cup “deep version” for fiber measurements (e.g. wool)
  • Easy to fill (filling tray and other accessories)
  • Adapter for standard Closed and Open Cups included
  • SpectraAlyzer® 2.0 can be easily retrofitted with Rotating Cup Drawer by the user
Scope of supply “grain”
Loading tray (11320)
Scoop (11306)
Rotating Cup (10242)
Rotating Cup “deep” (10241))
Adapter for standard cups (10259)
Scope of supply “meat”
Rotating Cup Drawer (110-B6003-0)
Loading tray (11320)
Spatula (10301)
Rotating Cup open flat/deep, meat (10252/10251)
2x Open Cup (10201)
Adapter for standard cups (10259)
Technical Data
Power supply via SpectraAlyzer® 2.0
Synchronisation to SpectraAlyzer® 2.0 during measurement
Mode of operation indicated by SpectraAlyzer® 2.0 user interface
Allowed maximum sample weight: 300 g
Same environmental conditions as specified for the SpectraAlyzer apply
Order information
Drawer Assy 2.0 Rotating Cup grain 110-B6003-1
Drawer Assy 2.0 Rotating Cup meat 110-B6003-2