Liquid Handling Autosampler 32

AutoSampler 32 POSITIONS

The ZEUTEC AutoSampler-32 is used in combination with the liquid drawer (standard in SpectraAlyzer® 2.0 wine & spirits instruments package) to analyze the composition of samples using the near infrared reflectance characteristics of the sample spectra.

The AutoSampler-32 is a compact instrument with an integrated peristaltic pump head. Interface and power connectors are mounted on the rear panel.
Due to its small size the AutoSampler-32 can be placed on the lab bench beside the SpectraAlyzer® 2.0 instrument or even on top of the instrument for better accessibility. Up to 32 samples can be presented on one rack.
The whole setup of the AutoSampler-32 run is controlled by SpectraAlyzer® 2.0 user interface.

SpectraAlyzer® AutoS

External Power supply
Input voltage 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Output 12V= / 5000 mA
Plug DC 5.5 x 2.1
Max. 32 samples per rack
Sample tubes Ø 16 mm x 100 mm, approx. 12 ml
Operating temperature range: 0 °C – 45 °C, non-condensing
Controlled by SpectraAlyzer® 2.0
Connections USB (remote control) Power In (12V=)
Weight 4,7 kg
Dimensions 288 x 190 x 400 mm
Integrated peristaltic Pump
Max. Speed 190 rpm
Schlauch Inner diameter between 0.5mm and 4.8mm 1.6 mm wall thickness, continuous tubing
Approximate motor life up to 3000 h
Scope of supply
Power supply
USB cable
Tubing set
Order information
AutoSampler 2.0 103-A100-1