Accessory Kit SpectraAlyzer 2.0

SpectraAlyzer2.0 ACCESSORY KIT

The Accessory Kit contains useful tools and a variety of sample cups which make sample presentation and handling an easy task. The kit contains both Open and Closed Cups that help presenting granular and powdery samples to the SpectraAlyzer. To optimize the filling of the Closed Cups a filling tray and a spatula are included. A brush as part of the kit simplifies the repeated cleaning of the Closed Cups. The Open Cups included are most suitable for the presentation of pasty products like chocolate or sausage meat to the SpectraAlyzer optics. All accessories included in the Accessory Kit can also be purchased seperatelly.


Scope of Supply:
1 Transport box
2 Closed cups
1 Open cup
1 Brush
1 Handle with scoopula
1 Sample loader assy
W/N: 90279050 / URL: DE
Order information
Accessory Kit 2.0 food 110-B9001-1