Accessory Kit SpectraAlyzer 2.0 Top Window


The Accessory Kit Top Window contains useful tools and sample cups made from quartz glass which make sample presentation and handling an easy task. The kit contains three quartz glass cups similar to classic petri dishes and a drive ring for magnetic coupling to the SpectraAlyzer. The glass cups help presenting granular and powdery samples to the SpectraAlyzer. Made from high quality quartz glass the glass cups ensure that optical characteristics and transmission are optimised for the SpectraAlyzer 2.0 Top Window (TW) instrument series. The filling of the Cups is easy using a spatula or spoon. A spoon is included in the kit. A brush as part of the kit simplifies the repeated cleaning of the glass Cups. All accessories included in the Accessory Kit can also be purchased separately.

Scope of Supply::
1 Transport box
2 Closed cups
1 Open cup
1 brush
1 Handle with scoopula
1 Sample loader assy
W/N: 90279050 / URL: DE
Order information
Accessory Kit 2.0 food 110-B9001-1